Which apprenticeship option is right for your business?

Signing up to an apprenticeship is a major investment – for employers and for apprentices. We understand the challenges employers and learners face, and offer two options.

Competenz Elev8

Many employers prefer to hire, train and develop their own apprentices. Under the Elev8 option, a Competenz training advisor visits your workplace four times a year to support the apprentice’s learning and ensure they complete their qualifications on time. Competenz charges companies an annual enrolment fee for each apprentice, plus other learning costs such as block courses and learning resources.


Apprentice Training New Zealand (ATNZ) manages all aspects of an apprentice’s employment, saving employers time. Companies simply pay an hourly rate, and ATNZ takes care of the rest – wages, ACC, holiday pay, sick pay, KiwiSaver and statutory holidays.

An ATNZ account manager visits the workplace ten times a year to check on progress and the employment relationship. And there’s no risk – if fluctuating business circumstances mean you can no longer host the apprentice, ATNZ will find another host company for the apprentice. 

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